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NFT Market TO Expand By 30% to $13.6 Billion by 2027

NFT Market Expects To Expand By 30% to $13.6 Billion by 2027

NFT marketplaces, which allow investors to buy and sell NFTs, are currently predicted to contribute the most to the NFT ecosystem’s growth. While laid out by firms, for example, OpenSea currently rules the market. Over the next five years, the worldwide NFT boom will be fueled by the growing involvement of popular influencers, gaming communities, […]

A Groundbreaking Project from a 1 Billion Downloads Gaming Studio

Future of Gaming Blockchain 2022: Welcome to Boomland!

Gdansk, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)– Today, BoomBit, a highly successful video game company, is launching the first mainstream blockchain gaming platform. Boomland! BoomLand is a cutting-edge Blockchain Gaming Platform that brings a whole new level of gaming to the table. The goal is to establish a new Web 3.0 community built by players for […]