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P2E Mecha Infinity

Mecha Infinity, a P2E Crypto Game, is a world full of infinite possibilities and explorations. In this world, players can take control of adorable little Mechas and embark on various adventures, PVP Battles, and competitive competitions. Based on their understanding of the game and contributions to the ecosystem, players can own, buy and trade freely the resources they acquire within the game.

The developer believes that the creation of the Mecha Metaverse must follow the natural law of real-world development, from being disorganized to organized, and the force that drives and makes this happen is all because of the players.

This is a world with a high degree of autonomy, players can obtain a lot of resources through adventure, competition, trade, and other methods to increase their own strength. They can also build their own homes and alliances in the future. In the construction of the entire game ecosystem, the game creators only invested 5% of the resources for the birth of the ecology.

The future development rights of the universe ecosystem will be derived and created by players.

Players can even create all-new evolvable Mechas within the game, with their ongoing efforts to evolve mechas, they may turn into highly valuable legendary mechas. This can be used for better gameplays and experiences, and we can also exchange them through trading and make sufficient returns. Of course, this will all be owned by the player.

What about the content planning of P2E Mecha Infinity?

Mecha Infinity P2E Game can be regarded as a real world. The developer sets the basic rules for the genesis of the world, leaving the ecosystem’s development to all players. This development process will be similar to the growth trajectory of the real world. Therefore, the developer has made long-term version iteration plans for Mecha Infinity.

P2E Mecha Infinity

P2E Mecha Infinity V1.1King of Glory Launch: 2022.8 Type: SRPG

Individual development is the focus of this version, where players continuously enhance individual strength through PvE adventures, PvP battles, Mecha Creation, and Mecha Evolution to obtain exponential rewards and accumulate resources for the initial stage of the game world.

Mecha Infinity V1.2Kingdom Wars Launch 2023 Type: SLG

When the individual development reaches a certain stage, players will have higher expectations for community and interaction, instead of only focusing on themselves.

In V1.2, basic rules for the creation and development of homestead and kingdom will be added, endowing all players with role attributes. Players can improve their exclusive role skills with resources initially accumulated, in order to better explore and obtain new resources for the construction of the kingdom. In this version of the P2E game, the race of development between individuals and kingdoms will accelerate the circulation of the resources accumulated by players in the marketplace, while a proper burning mechanism will be adopted to control the inflation and ensure the stability of the market value of resources.

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