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The blockchain-based gaming platform, OpenBlox, has secured a seed round as it prepares to launch its first game later this year, riding a wave of interest in play-to-earn gaming.

OpenBlox secured $3 million at a $30 million valuation, with the money going into product and business growth, game design, and employing more staff. Shima Capital, a newly founded San Francisco venture capital firm run by renowned venture capitalist Yida Gao, led the round.

3Commas Capital, 100100 Venture Capital, Digital Strategies, and MC Ventures were among the venture firms that participated in the seed round.

Source: OpenBlox

Project Goal

The team intends to release three games in which players can construct blockchain applications, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), across three different metaverses. The gaming platform wants to build a Web3-powered community rather than minting digital collectibles on a one-time basis, which can bring in quick cash but rarely leads to long-term user engagement.

Its digital universe is built on a collection of 7,998 genesis blox NFTs that may be bred using in-game techniques, akin to Axie Infinity, the blockbuster play-to-earn game.

The funding comes as a rising number of traditional game companies, like Ubisoft, are trying to use blockchain technology.

The project intends to launch an in-game coin, which might eventually be used to transmit governance functions. Longer-term, the goal is to build a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is run by game participants.

To generate interest in the metaverse initiative and attract gamers from all around the world, the business will rely primarily on its connections with gaming guilds such as Real Deal Guilds (RDG), Ancient8, Good Games Guild, and BreederDAO.

Source: OpenBlox

Game Mode

PVE and PVP are the two game modes available. To meet the challenges, players can use their team’s attributes and fighting methods. The enemy monsters in the PVE adventure mode have unique qualities and skills. There is an energy system in place, with one energy bar spent for each round of games. The entire energy level of 20 bars will be recovered every 24 hours. After the energy runs out, players will be unable to obtain rewards.

After winning in both PVE and PVP modes, gamers will get awards. Monsters have unique qualities and capabilities in PVE mode. In PVP mode, users must devise their own strategy to compete against other players.

PVE: Adventure

Enemies in the PVE mode are monsters that have infiltrated the BloxVerse. The difficulty of the game will rise in tandem with the level of the creatures. Players will face the last boss monster at each map’s destination, and winners will be highly rewarded for defeating the final boss monster.

PVE: Battle

Players will compete against other players of similar skill levels. To win, you must use a variety of talents and methods. The abilities and passive skills of each Blox race/class are the primary driving elements that shape a team’s fighting style. Some gamers choose to compete against one another to see who is the best.

These players will queue in the Ranked Arena, where they will be paired with a randomly selected opponent of similar ability. Rank Reward and Seasonal Reward are the two sorts of prizes available. Qualified players will get gaming tokens or unique equipment as a prize.

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