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KOTKET is pleased to announce the release of its Move2Earn NFT gaming platform’s first beta version. KOTKET is a 2021 project that began in the first quarter. KOTKET will be a “Hidden Gem” in the GameFi community after more than a year of preparation, from the idea to the long-term development roadmap before introducing the token to the market.

The game is based on a mythical figure who is most known for being one of the major characters of a 16th-century Chinese tale. Monkey King is a stone-born monkey that gains supernatural abilities through Taoist practices, as well as the 72 Transformations, which grant him access to 72 distinct abilities. All 7 Monkey characters have various rights, powers, and tasks in KOTKET. To get greater strength, players must acquire more powerful monkeys by earning in-game awards or purchasing limited editions from the marketplace’s auction section.

In April 2022, NFT Gaming KOTKET will release its first Beta version. After then, gamers may begin playing the game entirely on the website. At a later point, mobile versions will be available.

The project is a decentralized game that is organized and created on the Ethereum network, which is now the world’s largest ecosystem. Kotket is the first game in the GameFi series, and it was created with the goal of integrating enjoyment, technology, and investment.

NFT Gaming Koktet

Kotket NFT Gameplay

The player’s goal is to anticipate whether the next candle will be green (PUMP) or red (DUMP) and wager on it to win a prize. You’ll also be able to forecast how the Bitcoin market will move. KOTKET neither sells nor trades Bitcoins; instead, all measures are publicly and reliably mirrored from the world’s top exchanges.

When the player wins, they will be rewarded. When a player’s forecast matches the market, they win and get a profit that ranges from 95 percent to 98 percent, depending on the NFT monkey character they possess. The higher the prize amount, the rarer the monkey characters.

When a player’s market forecast is incorrect, they lose and suffer a loss. Each weekend, they will be eligible for insurance depending on the total amount of their losses.

Only KOKE tokens are issued by KOTKET NFT Gaming. The KOKE token ensures the capacity to regulate inflation through a variety of measures, including compensation, insurance, profit sharing from the “Community Treasury” to participants, and so on. All of this is done to secure the project’s long-term success and prevent the token’s value from depreciating.


Kotket NFT Gaming Marketplace

A commander center is the Monkeys Marketplace. In the KOTKET NFT Gaming world, it is the busiest and most well-known. All species flock to ISLAND to buy, sell, and learn how to live better.

This bustling area is not the in-game marketplace. It was constructed and developed on its own platform so that players could quickly use ISLAND to conduct their business without having to check in to the game. Players can do the following with ISLAND:

-Organize their Monkey NFTs.
-Limited edition Monkey NFTs are available for purchase.
-Monkey NFTs are traded.
-Their NFTs are rented.
-As a valuable asset, a player can own one or more Monkey NFTs.


Why Kotket NFT Gaming?

KOTKET is a next-gen Play2Earn game that will empower players to create, play, and earn. It combines pixel gaming with Ethereum blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, quick action, play-and-earn game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.

The NFT Gaming is being developed by a multidisciplinary team of experts with unmatched game design and development experience, having created games that have produced billions of dollars in revenue over the last two decades.


Kotket Vision

“Our vision is to make players the ultimate protagonists and shapers of the game, those that consistently play and capture the value from their achievements. Unlike other games, KOTKET NFT Gaming offers multiple ways for players to participate in the game economy, whether active or passively. Thus, we are building a gaming world for diverse players, with the aspiration to allow the community to adopt various gameplay roles and freely run a decentralized player-owned economy.”


Token Details

Token name: KOTKET token

Icon: KOKE

Blockchain: ERC20 – Ethereum Network

Contract: 0x608CBd7fFa4dab279044e55994E60dc6b4b4DfE1

Total supply: 150,000,000,000

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