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A Groundbreaking Project from a 1 Billion Downloads Gaming Studio

Gdansk, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)– Today, BoomBit, a highly successful video game company, is launching the first mainstream blockchain gaming platform.



BoomLand is a cutting-edge Blockchain Gaming Platform that brings a whole new level of gaming to the table. The goal is to establish a new Web 3.0 community built by players for players, complete with its own Metaverse, Marketplace, and Play And Earn environment.

BoomLand will be the first blockchain platform to allow numerous game creators and players to engage directly, earning NFTs and money in the form of $BOOM and $BGEM Tokens.

Players will communicate directly with game developers and one another in BoomLand’s Metaverse, helping to determine the Platform’s future trajectory.

BoomLand was inspired by the huge market demand for high-quality games in the blockchain gaming sector. BoomLand was motivated to enter the market for ‘Web 3.0 game creation,’ also known as Blockchain video games, due to a lack of quality in current titles.

The BoomLand platform is a ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’ (DAO), which means that gamers have a big say in how it develops.

Gaming Blockchain Boomland

NFT Sale

BoomLand has a highly skilled development team capable of creating engaging Blockchain games. The ‘Play and Earn’ Blockchain gaming sector is still in its infancy, yet it has already been valued at $21 billion. This quick success is attributed in part to the huge sales of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which totaled $25 billion in 2021.

Hannibal Soares and Marcin Olejarz, BoomLand’s founders, are extremely optimistic about the company’s debut as a game-changing breakthrough.

“With over 200 games produced to date and over 1 billion downloads under our belt over the previous decade, we are confident in our ability to replicate our success in the blockchain gaming realm.” – Hannibal Soares says The time has finally come for some fun Blockchain games!

The World Of Boomland!

BoomLand is an expanding blockchain gaming platform where players of all genres and skillsets can earn tokens, summon new NFTs, upgrade their own, participate in the marketplace by buying, selling or borrowing/lending NFTs and govern on the expansion of the platform. BoomLand’s main goal is to enable players to truly own their digital game assets by providing interoperability to the ecosystem’s tokens and NFTs.

The legend of BoomLand’s Metaverse starts with Hunters On-Chain. The game is currently being adapted from its current web2 form by BoomLand in collaboration with BoomBit – one of the biggest free-to-play game developers/publishers in the world which includes over 1 Billion game downloads since its inception.

Boomland is a state-of-the-art blockchain gaming platform that offers a whole new gaming experience. The vision is to create a new Web 3.0 community for players by players, with its own marketplace and Play & Earn ecosystem that is accessible to all. In Boomland’s Metaverse, players will engage directly with game developers and each other to help steer the course for the platform’s future. Fun Blockchain Games are finally here!



Hunters On-Chain is a battle royale game in which players fight in several game modes against each other and the environment to be the best hunter!

In Hunters On-Chain, each playable hunter is a non-fungible-token (NFT), which players may get through initial minting, the marketplace, or summoning, a system that allows players to mint more Hunters. Gather the proper hunters and pick your fights carefully! Game modes will pit players against not only the environment, but also other hunters.

Hunters will be stored in players’ wallets, which will sync with the game to reveal which hunters they have and which hunter they will use for the next hunt. Hunters are divided into 40 separate classes, each with its own set of abilities and aesthetic differences.

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