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NFT Gaming KOTKET Thrilled To Announce Its First Beta Version

KOTKET is pleased to announce the release of its Move2Earn NFT gaming platform’s first beta version. KOTKET is a 2021 project that began in the first quarter. KOTKET will be a “Hidden Gem” in the GameFi community after more than a year of preparation, from the idea to the long-term development roadmap before introducing the […]

What’s Web 3.0 and GameFi🤔

Your ELI5 guide to Web 3.0 and GameFi Before Web 3.0 Web 1.0 was mainly focused on content consumption with a few users posting content and the majority consuming it passively. The internet was mainly designed for information access and one-way communication. Static websites and personal sites were the main websites available. Web 2.0 which […]

NFT Gaming Show Massive Growth: Reports

NFT gaming has been garnering quite a lot of attention in the recent past. With crypto going beyond just Bitcoin and altcoins, the space in itself has grown into a larger system of Metaverse, and more. NFTs are no longer just another artwork on the internet, but an essential for investors, especially with gaming projects […]

NFT Gaming Yomi Games Raises A Grand $2mn! Becomes P2E “Zynga”

Game developer Yomi Games has raised $2 million in a seed round following its first NFT Gaming launch. The funding comes from investors such as Hypersphere Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto and Cultur3 Capital Maveron, Momentum 6, and Taureon just to name a few. Yomi compares themselves to Zynga as they will be focused on a […]

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